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What are your booking rates?

Our collections start at $1,900 and go up from there. Our session fee is $500. 

What does your sessions include?

It includes a consultation for styling and planning your day with me, up to 1.5 hours of photo session, and an ordering appointment to see and order your final images. We are in negotiations to offer hair and make up.

My clients have the option to see their images within the hour and half, and go through them with me to see which ones they want retouched, and their order session. The second option is viewing them fully finished within 1-2 weeks. Ordering appointments are mostly during Zoom if a package is paid in full. 

Can I just purchase the digital images?

Of course! Some of our collections include the digital images. 

Where are you located?

Currently I am located East of Tampa Area, FL. I do my photoshoot sessions at different local studios. If a different venue, the address will be provided upon consultation. Every few months, I travel to Fort Lauderdale, FL and yearly to San Juan, PR to do photo shoots on the beach mainly. 

Can friends and family come to the shoot?

Yes! During our consultation, we will have a conversation of who do you want to be photographed with and how. 


Do you shoot outdoors?

Depending on the weather, location, location fees, we can do a photo shoot outdoors. 


What days can I book my shoot?

Currently I do photoshoots based on availability. Times will vary based on appointment. 

Can I bring food?

No food is allowed in-studio. I do encourage to pack some snacks for after the shoot. 

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir is defined as the woman's private bedroom. It is used to described intimate portraits. No need to be naked. It can be implied, with lingerie, oversized sweater, etc. Depends entirely on your comfort level and what we discuss in your consultation. Only available for ages 21+. 


What types of photography do I offer?


I photograph intimate, women’s portraits, love stories, ballet, headshots and branding.


Where will my shoot take place?


Currently I do photo shoots in different rental spaces. At the time of booking your photo shoot, based on your location, I will advise the address per availability. Currently I shoot in Tampa, Brandon, Plant City, Ft Lauderdale and Puerto Rico. I also shoot on the beach occasionally. After booking, the location will be reserved and the client is informed of the address.


How far in advance should I schedule my photo shoot?


As soon as you know you want to book. Currently I take 2-3 clients a month, depending on the schedule.


How should I prepare for my photo shoot?


There are many ways to prepare for your photo shoot. After you have officially booked your session with me, I will send you a guide with instructions on how to prepare everything from head to toe. Meanwhile, you can head over to my blog post here for some starting pointers.


What I should I wear/bring?


For your photo shoot, you should bring nude and black basic bra and thong and your choice of lingerie. We discourage any major props as they may stray from the main mission. During our styling consultations, if there is an item you really want to include in your shoot, such as an heirloom or a particular piece of clothing if the art will be for a gift, we can include it in part of the shoot.


Will we plan the look of the shoot together?


Yes. I do have a flow and some basic sets that we will go over. Depending on your answers from your homework and contact form, we can create and modify something more unique.


What printed products do you offer?


Currently, I offer beautiful wall art in acrylic finish from one of my favorite vendors, albums with beautiful leatherette or photo cover, a beautiful folio box that holds 10 matted prints and one of my favorites pieces of wall art that we call a 9 up because it holds 9 prints matted and framed.


What is the turnaround time on printed products?


Turnaround time from order date tends to be 3-4 weeks.


What are the most popular print items?


Albums have been the most popular, but the acrylic wall art is close second.


When/how will I view my photos?


There are 2 ways to have your viewing session. And we accommodate timing and plan for each one. The first option to have your viewing session is during the same day. After the photo shoot, while you change, and step out for lunch or coffee, I sit and cull through the images and prepare them for viewing. It can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and half depending on the amount of images. Once you return, you can make your selection and that evening, I prepare the order of the collection you pre-purchased.


The second option is to have had a scheduled date to view the images via zoom within a week. At that point you would see your images, and select for your pre-purchased collection.


This decision will be made prior to the photo shoot to prepare and accommodate for the additional time and scheduling.


What is your retouching philosophy?


I do minimal retouching. Sometimes the I’ll modify the light to produce a certain aesthetic, smooth skin, remove acne, fly away hairs and misplaced items. I don’t change bodies, or faces. Intimate portraits are to represent you, to encourage you to be brave and love the era you are in, to fall in love with every curve from your smile to your hips.


Do you offer both color and black & white?


Yes. Most images will be shown in both, depending on the mood of the set.


Can I request certain editing techniques?


No. At the time of consultation, we will have the conversation about how I edit the images, and if there is something in particular you want edited out, we can discuss it more in detail then.


Each photographer has their own art which includes how we take photographs and how we edit. When you reserve and have your photoshoot with a photographer, it is typically understood that you are doing so because you love and trust the photographers’ work.


Can I print my photos myself?


Because privacy concerns, I strongly suggest not to. I use printing labs I trust that work with photographers that work with the type of images I take. Which is why my collections include printed work, so that you can have your art printed and ready for your display.


Will you be publishing my photos online?


At signing of contract, I offer several options. Full publishing is I will publish any image purchased, partial publishing is I will publish images that don’t show your face or clear identifying markers, and lastly, not publishing images. I love sharing stories on the blog and short stories and social media. I invite you to share yours with me, the world with your favorite image.


Can I bring a friend with me to my intimate photoshoot?


Before I can answer this, I ask several questions. Among these questions, I ask, is your friend supportive of you, your body and the experience you will be having; Are they your cheerleaders.



What happens if there is bad weather?


I typically shoot indoors, and use different light sources if need to. Because we are in Florida, if it’s hurricane season and there is a hurricane on its way, the week of its arrival we may need to reschedule depending on time frame.


What happens if I need to reschedule?


There is a small reschedule fee, depending on the location and how many times have we needed to reschedule.


Will hair and make-up services be provided for my photo shoot?


At the moment, no. But I am looking to have a contracted hair and make-up artist for before the photoshoot.


Can I upgrade my package?


Yes! If you just simply must have more images, you absolutely can!


Can I order prints at a later date?


Collections are all prepaid, we can schedule an ordering appointment up to 2 weeks out. After 30 days, I make the final selections and ship you the items in your prepaid collections.


Can my products be shipped to me?


Yes, because I shoot in different locations, this is possible.


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